Welcome to Kachang commission info!!Please read Terms and Conditions before ordering~
♥Thank you♥

✾Terms and Conditions✾

✔ DO : Original Character, FanArt✖ DON'T : Furry/ Beast, Muscular Character, NSFW, Heavy Armor

1. I accept payment from Paypal (USD) & Bank Mandiri (Local Bank /IDR).
2. I will need full payment after the sketch is approved to continue your commission.
3. Revision allowed during sketch step and after that just 2x minor edit in finishing step. I only accept 5x major revision in sketch step.
4. The comission price is only for personal use, commercial use will be on different price. Please kindly discuss with me for the details.
5. I only accept cancelation of the order at Sketch stage before the payment.
6. if there's no payment within 1 week , your name will be removed from the queue list.

✾Price list✾

Ala Carte

∗ Contains ∗Price per characterCanvas A4 (kneeup, fullbody) / 2080x2080 pxl (square) (bustup)
flat/ gradient colour background
max characters in 1 canvas is 3 characters


28 USD | 100k IDR

∗ Contains ∗Price per character2080x2080 pxl (square) / A4 if there's 2 more character
Chibi Full Body
max characters in 1 canvas is 3 characters


43 USD | 500k IDR

∗ Contains ∗2080x2080 pxl (square)
2 panels, each panels contains 1 bust up, animal, item, etc
+15 USD if there's 2 bust up each panels
flowers, stars/sparkles

❀Flower Options❀

Chocolate cake

73 USD | 500k IDR

∗ Contains ∗Only for one character
2080x2080 pxl (square)
1 Knee up
1 panels, each panels contains bust up, animal, item, etc
additional items (max 2) on outside the panel
flowers, stars/sparkles

❀Flower Options❀

✾How to Order✾

Request form

Name : ( Your name )
Commission Menu :
Payment : Paypal / Local Bank ( Bank Mandiri )
Paypal e-mail : ( if you choose Paypal as payment )
Reference link : ( character, pose and expression reference )
Request Note :
Can I publish the result ? : Yes / No

Working Process

DM me with Request form you fill in

Request form accepted


Payment after sketch approval

Lining+coloring+minor revision

Finished piece

*working process will take 3-7 days depending my real life situation and the queue